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Clean Air Technology and Private Keratin Space

Aerovex- a crucial component to your Keratin Treatment

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our valued clients is paramount.  We have allocated a special room, heavily ventilated and separate from the other coloring and styling areas of the salon designated just to Keratin Treatments.  In addition to the specially ventilated room, we carry AEROVEX equipment to ensure utmost of ventilation during your Keratin Treatment.  

This is a clean air technology fume extractor.  This piece of equipment is essential in my arsenal of salon goodies.  After becoming certified as a Clean Air Salon, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure all Keratin treatments were done in this fashion, at least as long as you're in my chair.  Once processing, the machine acts as a vacuum and sucks up all of the blowdrying and flat ironing smoothing fumes.  It is in my opinion, and in the opinion of my clients, that this additive makes a world of a difference when receiving this treatment.  A breath of fresh air is something I guarantee all my Keratin clients.   


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