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ORIBE Rock Hard Gel

ORIBE Rock Hard Gel


A modern cream-gel for intense hold, architectural styling and shine. Hair does exactly what it's told—whether spiked or slicked—and stays that way. Enriched with light-reflecting particles and hair-strengthening compounds.

  • Benefits

    A modern, cream gel that moisturizeswith intense hold, Sets quickly to a lacquer finish for architectural styles, Maintains softness and pliability when worked through or blown out


    StrongHold Resin Complexprovides amazing, yet flexible, hold.Argan Oil,indigenous to South Morocco, helps restore the natural lipid content in the hair, fortifying, brightening and softening while working with the gel’s resins to provide amazing hold.Shea Oil, a richmoisturizer,addsa greatsheen and improves manageability.Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteinincreases hair strength,while promoting a healthy scalp.Amino Acid Peptidefortifies and rejuvenates for lush, full hair

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